Forsalg på 2018 årgangen

Med årgang 2017 totalt udsolgt, kan vi nu med stor glæde åbne op for forsalget på Peter Sissecks 2018 årgang. Ligesom tidligere år er det muligt at købe de fantastiske vine med store besparelse i forsalgstilbud. Vi gør opmærksom på, at priserne kan stige gradvist frem mod frigivelsen. Vinene forventes at hjemkomme ultimo 2020 - normalvis i november/december måned.

Peter Sisseck skriver følgende om 2018 årgangen:

2018 is special for several reasons. The weather with more rain than a normal winter season prepared the soils for a good growing season specially after three winters where we had not had the rain that we needed.

In Bordeaux this led to serious problems with downy mildew (Plasmopara). We avoided problems at Château Rocheyron by a very intense spraying regime, but were able to keep the total copper sulfate below 3 kg for the whole year. It really was a challenge, but Rocheyron was one of the few organic vineyards that had “normal yields” around 30 hl/ha, something we are very proud of.

In Spain we had less problems and didn’t have serious attacks. By July the weather changed to very dry, but because we had had great rains in winter, we didn’t have problems with water stress .

We decided to start the harvest early, both in France and in Spain.

We harvested the Merlot on the 24th - 26th of September with 14.5 % potential alcohol.

The Cabernet Franc was harvested on the 2nd of October.

In Spain we started the harvest on the 26th of September and finished the 8th of October.

The wines are intense but very fine. We have avoided the dangers of the year that is: very high alcohol and over extracted tannins. It is interesting that the same problems are found in both countries. Because of early harvest and gentle extraction we have made very aromatic and finely textured wines. We will bring the wines up over a periode of 20-22 months. At Rocheyron we are using around 45 % new wood, at Flor de Pingus around 30 %. Pingus will be brought up in a combination of wood tank and 1 year old barrels.

At PSI we are aging 20 % in older barrels and the rest in wood tanks. This year we have good volume so we try to be as generous a possible in our allocations.


Peter Sisseck
Quintanilla de Onésimo, May 3rd 2019


Spanien Ribera del Duero
295,00 kr.
235,00 kr.
2018 Flor de Pingus (FORSALG)
Spanien Ribera del Duero
975,00 kr.
695,00 kr.